Mono-Krom | Gallery is a place that focuses on the fundamental and essential.

"Dark. Urban. Minimalism."

Fashion that plays by its own rules.

We want to bring you closer to our handpicked designers, whether up-and-coming or old-established, with their art in detail, quality, and care for materials.

Far away from the fast fashion industry, they create their works which are to be discovered, because most of the time just one look is not enough to understand their products and creations.

We are moving away from the typical stereotype thinking of only black or white, towards shading and nuancing.

A sense of soothing elegance in every fibre.

Our intention is to share our passion for this feeling with you, to interact with you, and to continuously develop it further, as it is very important to us.

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service that we are constantly striving to improve and expand.

Located in the heart of Leipzig, we pride ourselves on being the trendsetting destination for high fashion, featuring top brands and unique labels that embody quality and creativity.

Welcome to MONO-KROM | Gallery